Big dilemma – little help?

I need your help. Actually more like advice.

When I gave up on this blog, I set up two other. Since I’m now a freelance writer (yeah, didn’t tell you that did I? Well, I am) one blog was to showcase my life and experiences as a freelancer and the other was about life as an expat in UAE.

Somewhere along the way, after reading countless business blogging articles, I got it into my head that I could make money from my blogs. I probably could but it just puts too much pressure on me as a blogger! Courting advertisers for your blog means blogging regularly, get traffic regularly etc etc.

None of which I’ve any experience in doing.

I’ll start with my expat blog. I love the name and the url. Cuppa Life. I think it’s hip and happening and has an element of my love of tea as well. I spent hours putting up pages, ads etc. Tooks pains to research and install wordpress plugins, got a killer header as a blog warming gift too. Then I didn’t blog as regularly and let it all fall apart.

My questions to you are:

Should I remove the ads?

Change the theme, remove the ads and go back to what blogging is all about?

Incorporate this blog (chronicles of a chai charsee) into Cuppa life so that I’m concentrating on one blog instead of writing about the same thing in two places?

It’s fine as it is – you’re just never satisfied.

Stop trying to be so ambitious and flip the site?

Any other suggestions, advice and help would be much apperciated. Let me know what you guys think!


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Thinking of coming back…

This place has turned into a ghost blog. What intended to be a short break before I cleaned it up and came back to blogging has turned into a (almost) 3 month desertion. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t been on a hiatus. Not at all. I’ve been writing at other blogs. They’ve been subject based though and one is professional so I’ve actually been blogging more regularly than I did when I was blogging personally.

I have to say though, personal blogging is so much more fun!

A lot has happened in the past few months. Work has picked up, I’ve started a writing course and I just got back from a 10 day trip to India.

My life is finally happening! I couldn’t be more excited or happy about it.

Is this place alive again? I’m not sure. I won’t make any promises but lately, I’ve found myself forming posts for this place in particular and I thought it was time to stop ignoring it. After all, this place sustained me during my darkest hours in the early months after I moved here.

Besides, the name of my personal is just too cool to give up ;)


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Cuppa Life

While this place recovers from the abuse it has suffered at my hands, I have set up a new place.

Introducing: Cuppa Life


Yes the name was inspired by my love for chai. And a brainstorming session with X— resulted in the name. I have to say, I’m mighty proud of it. But I find I’m not yet ready to let go of the equally kick ass title “Chronicles of a Chai Charsee”. Not making a firm decision yet till after this place has rested and been cleaned up. Till then I intend to fully enjoy my new place and hope you do too!

A lot of hard work and hours have gone into Cuppa Life. But the biggest work was done by mayG who gave me the best blog warming present ever!

It’s more focused, less about me and more about the place I live in. Please update your feed readers and let me know what you think about it. If you see any problems, let me know.


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The time is near…

I missed a day. Big deal.

Anyway, I have to say, blogging everyday has brought the end of this blog faster than it would have other wise. I think there’s only a certain number of post one can belt out in a blog. Or maybe I’m just becoming nomadic.

Anyway, Once this month gets over, I’ll be introducing my new place to you guys. A couple of you have already seen it. I keep thinking ill unveil it once I have everything in place. But I have a feeling that going live would propel the changes in faster.


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We’re creeping towards the end…

Once this month is over I’m going to delete all the crappy blog posts of this month from it. Seriously, there has never been a time when I have been lesser inspired by anything. All that crap about writing everyday to improve? It’s exactly that. CRAP.

Anyway, plans are up to completely stop personal, mindless blogging like this. It’s been nice and has formed the person that I am today but I’m ready to move on. This place will stay because I’m sure that I’ll need to indulge in personal, self questioning and bashing posts every once in a while. This place will also stay because of the sentimental value attached to it.

Yes, I have feelings for my blog.

This month needs to end. Now.

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Taken someplace in Fijeirah


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Bhooooooot! (ghost for my non desi readers)


You guessed it. That’s me on the bar  b q night. It was 12 degrees outside and I was freezing. I was wearing a sweater, a shawl under the one you see and this (outer) one was so large that I wrapped it around myself twice!

Of course the night mode of my camera was messed up and this is what the picture came out like. Reminds me of the time I’d scare my youngest sister with a zombie like voice saying “mummyyyy” with my eyes wide open and mouth open. Mummy Part One had just come out and my sister was around 4 maybe? Fun times :D


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